Take Control of Your Health, Save Money!

According to a recent article from the American Heart Association, the home-monitoring of blood pressure by individuals can reduce the healthcare costs insurance companies are facing.

High blood pressure can show little to no symptoms and has a long list of risk factors, making periodic testing crucial for timely and accurate diagnosis.

A&D Monitoring Kit

A&D Monitoring Kit

Withings Bluetooth Blood Pressure Cuff

Withings Wireless Monitor

By reimbursing their plan participants for purchases of home monitoring kits, insurance companies could actually decrease their overall costs. Individuals who are aware of their own blood pressure patterns will be more likely to notice negative trends enabling them to implement a care plan early. Those individuals will then be less likely to end up as emergency patients making more costly insurance claims in the future. Researchers found benefits of home-monitoring for almost all ages, including those over 65, by helping to avoid future cardiovascular complications brought on by hypertension.

How Can OneCare Help?

Our platform offers direct integration with several blood pressure monitoring systems. As readings are taken, they can be automatically added into a sortable list or graph view. This view allows you to compare your values against the normal range, view only systolic or diastolic values, and filter the time period being displayed.

In addition, you can setup notifications to be sent to you or your care team through SMS, email or phone call. This can be done for upcoming readings, missed readings, or even if a value is abnormally high for you!

This is extremely beneficial for those in the “at-risk” categories, because you can have an instant alert that further action may be required. The platform works with more than just blood pressure monitors, and provides a centralized location where all aspects of your health and fitness can be viewed in a single dashboard!


OneCare’s technology was developed to reduce the impact chronic diseases have on patient outcomes, family care givers and on the high cost of health care.

Click to read the original American Heart Association article, “Home Blood Pressure-monitoring Kits Save Money”

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