SuperNova South Experience

Last week, our very own Tech Square hosted one of the Southeast’s largest tech conferences, SuperNova South. In its 6th year, the conference is known for providing attendees with various content-rich tracks, evening events and plenty of networking opportunities. I had the privilege of attending Tuesday-Friday.

This year’s tracks included:

  • Social Media
  • Startup
  • FinTech
  • Mobile
  • UX
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing
  • Health Tech
  • Cyber Security
  • Student

Unfortunately, I missed Monday, which had a lot of the Social Media sessions, but there was still plenty left in the week to make it worthwhile… especially working for a startup!

I started off Tuesday with several social media sessions before attending the Lunch Panel. All of these sessions reminded me that it’s important to be consistent… with your brand, with your posting frequency, with your voice!

“If you’re not gonna keep up, get in a different game… not social media!”
– John Waddy, TwentySix2 Marketing

It’s important to remember to post regularly on sites that you want a presence on, even if you don’t have BIG news to share. People still want to know you’re staying current and involved!

The afternoon session I attended was a panel on Telehealth and very informational on what some major players are currently doing.

“The majority of care will happen in the home soon.”
– Alex Garos, MedZed

Although OneCare isn’t a Telehealth company, we are engaged with improving patient outcomes, and work to align our successes with those of Telehealth. Studies are showing that people are eager to move away from current standards towards more non-traditional forms of care management. OneCare aims to help by engaging the families of patients with chronic illnesses, making it that much easier for someone to receive valuable support and improve their compliance!

I started Wednesday off by attending a session on successfully engaging engineers in the design process. As an engineer (although not a software engineer) I thought this would be interesting since I am now involved in the early design stages of new developments for OneCare! Josh Teague did a good job of reinforcing the idea that it may not be that engineers are disinterested, but maybe feel unwelcome. Sometimes all it takes is just willingness to make that first move to include all parties!

Redpepper‘s Jen Williams talked on how to successfully implement viral loops in your marketing strategy. Although you never know if something will go “viral,” there are methods to improve your word-of-mouth or social sharing exposure.

I attended Wednesday’s evening event, Sharpie Slam 2015. This event gave artist teams 90 minutes to complete a large piece of work using only sharpies for the theme “Evolution of Innovation.” In addition, custom art skate decks were silent auctioned to benefit Art is King Artist Education Program. With delicious food from Happy Belly food truck, drinks provided by SalesForce, a Coloring Table, and even an impromptu break-dancing show, the night was full of fun networking. And boy were the artists talented!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I finished out the week attending a panel on Startup Communities and a session on the Future of Mobile. The panel was very interesting. Although somewhat different than other Startup Communities, OneCare is part of the ATDC, and hearing how these types of spaces are growing around the Southeast is encouraging for Startups! The panelists had some great reminders to make use of those around you…

“There’s a Pay it Forward aspect in startup communities they forget to use! If you don’t know, ask!”
– Karen Houghton, Atlanta Tech Village

Finally, Sam Noyd of Jabian Consulting gave a wonderful presentation on how the internet of things, and our faster mobile connections from carriers, are driving users to consume more and more mobile data.

“People are starting to prefer Mobile Web over Mobile Apps”
– Sam Noyd, Jabian Consulting

It was a lively session with lots of attendee participation and a great way to finish out the Conference!

Overall the week was thoroughly enjoyable with lots of great new connections made. It is always exciting to attend events that gather top thought leaders. In such a fast-paced world staying current is challenging, and SuperNova South does a great job of making sure people stay connected and on the forefront!


Disclaimer: The SuperNova South logo is from their website. All other photos in this post are my own. Any links to companies are not endorsements by OneCare for their views or products. 

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