Month: March 2016

Team Thursdays

Get to know OneCare! Each Thursday we will be featuring a member of our Team!

Paul Pelt
VP of Sales



Loves selling (building and maintaining relationships) and working for start ups, I worked for several software starts ups (mainly Bay Area companies) during my 30 plus year professional sales career, co-founded a healthcare tech start up in 2007 (SimpleC) that helps people afflicted with dementia (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease).

Role with OneCare

Responsible for sales and channels development

Most Excited About…

Creating the go-to-market plan for senior living market

Life Outside of OneCare

Enjoys golf, hiking, tennis and spending time with my family
(wife and 3 grown up children)
Involved with organizations (e.g., Catholic Church) that help the poor and homeless.

Next Week: Bethany Thames, Senior Product Manager & Marketing Director

Team Thursdays

Get to know OneCare! Each Thursday we will be featuring a member of our Team!

Ron Wunder
Chief Operating Officer



I have over 25 years of development experience for healthcare software solutions. Previously was Vice President of new product development for McKesson building a state of the art Cloud based Pharmacy software solution and Vice President of Development for American Express Health Systems Group. I also have experience with several start up healthcare companies.

Role with OneCare

I oversee the Product Management, Implementation, R&D, and Customer Support teams. Although we are currently quite small, each team is growing and will be vital to the success of OneCare moving forward.

Product Management (Bethany Thames)

  • Defines product roadmaps
  • Defines functionality
  • Prioritizes requirements for development
  • Works closely with lead developers for product design
  • Defines marketing plans

Implementation (Jodi Goudreau) 

  • Works with customers on install plans
  • Trains customers on product
  • Clinical content creation (Tiffany Schubel)
  • First line of customer support

Research & Development (James Reed)

  • Develops the product using specs from Product Management
  • Systems design
  • Researches new technology
  • Systems architecture
  • Cloud deployment
  • Customer support for code defects

Most Excited About…

Most excited about our contract with Magnacare (Evaluaide). This is such a great opportunity for us to work with a large insurance company.  I’m also excited about our partnership with iHealthLabs for home use medical devices. They have 11 Bluetooth enabled devices. We are currently working on a Bluetooth OneCare software development kit.

Life Outside of OneCare

Hobbies include winter snow skiing in Whitefish, Montana! I also travel to Music Festivals like Music on the Bay in Tampa Florida, and Southern Grounds Music festival in Nashville.

Next Week: Paul Pelt, VP of Sales

Your Every Day Health Choices

Guest Blog Post written for OneCare by Amanda Flowers of BlueStore South Charlotte

How Everyday Health Choices Make a Big Deal in the Long Run

Making healthy choices everyday can really make a huge difference, both in the short term and the long term. Healthy daily habits can make you feel better and improve the quality of life whether you have a chronic condition or are simply trying to prevent health conditions from developing. Most people understand the basics regarding what constitutes healthy habits, but don’t understand how those choices affect the body. The following are a few ways that healthy habits impact you in the long run.

Moving Your Body

Daily exercise improves your mood, boosts your energy, and helps you control your weight, but it also lowers your risks of developing a plethora of chronic conditions. No matter what your weight, exercise helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels. This keeps the blood flowing through the body, preventing conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. The weight control helps to prevent diabetes, metabolic issues, and leg problems that can eventually inhibit independence.

Avoiding Unhealthy Habits

Smoking and drinking to excess are two of the most detrimental habits for your health. Both of these habits increase the risks of heart disease, stroke, and cancers. Smoking introduces carbon monoxide into your blood stream and changes the way that your body handles cholesterol. Drinking causes the pancreas to produce toxic substances and puts stress on the liver. Since both drinking and smoking introduce toxins into the body, the immune system is weakened and cannot fight off infections as well.

Eating with Purpose

We all know that diet affects health, but too often the focus is on what not to eat. Focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water instead of eating or drinking less of anything may help you to feel less deprived and more excited about the endeavor. Look up fun recipes, infuse waters with tasty fruits, and plan your meals. When you are full and you know where your next meal is coming from, you will be less likely to resort to unhealthy foods.

Taking Care of Hygiene

Brushing and flossing, bathing regularly, keeping your nails trimmed, moisturizing your skin – all of these things are important for your health. Keeping your mouth and body clean can limit the number of bacteria and viruses that you are exposed to, helping you to avoid illness and infection. Keeping your skin moist and your nails trimmed can help keep your largest barrier against disease and infection intact and functioning properly.

Attending Regular Check-Ups

Attending regular check-ups for health can seem like a nuisance when nothing is wrong but can be instrumental in spotting possible issues before they cause conditions or when diseases are in early stages. Health insurance plans now cover most preventative maintenance, including check-ups, so you may be able to attend with no out of pocket cost to you. If you do have health conditions, attending regular check-ups can help you keep track of your health and prevent the condition from worsening.

Making the small healthy choices every day can go a long way towards helping you to live a long, healthy life.


Team Thursdays

Get to know OneCare! Each Thursday we will be featuring a member of our Team!

Gary Austin
CEO, Co-Founder



Serial entrepreneur, inventor, and patent holder!
Co-founded OneCare in 2011 with Brian Leslie

Role with OneCare

  • CEO
  • Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Capital Formation
  • Business Development

Most Excited About…

Our team is awesome!!
We have brilliant people who do great work which creates a great culture in the workplace.

Business wise I’m excited about the impact that our technology and people are going to make on healthcare, and the help that we are going to bring to families dealing with chronic disease and terminal illness.

Life Outside of OneCare

My wife and I have been married for 42 years, we have 6 children, 13 grandchildren.  We have a lot of great family time together. I’m a Christian and am very active in Riverstone Church and various ministry activities. I enjoy hunting, fishing, golf, music (I sing and play the harmonica and dulcimer), and cooking.

Next Week: Ron Wunder, COO


OneCare’s New Office Space!

The OneCare Team Has Moved!

Although we loved our spot within the ATDC in Midtown Atlanta, most of the current on-site employees were making a pretty long commute each day. With Bethany (the only Midtown Atlanta resident) moving to North Carolina and now working remotely, CEO Gary Austin made the final decision to move the office to Marietta, Georgia!

The OneCare offices are within the 1850 building of Parkway Center.

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