Team Thursdays

Get to know OneCare! Each Thursday we will be featuring a member of our Team!

Bethany Thames
Marketing Director
Senior Product Manager



Bethany has a Biomedical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech! Prior to working at OneCare she was the Business Manager and L-1 Trainer at a CrossFit Gym in Atlanta.

Role with OneCare

My work focuses on designing updated system features based on the identification of target user group requirements. In addition, I manage OneCare’s brand image and social media, although admittedly somewhat sporadically at the moment! (see below)

Most Excited About…

I’m really looking forward to ramping up OneCare’s marketing efforts. After completion of a current major project I’m managing, I’ll be able to really focus on the overall branding and strategy moving forward, including a much more consistent social media voice and presence! Finally living up to my Marketing Director title!

Life Outside of OneCare

I just moved to Black Mountain, North Carolina in January! I’m definitely looking forward to spring/summer weather so I can hike with my boyfriend and two dogs, and explore the area and nearby Asheville! (Snow and all things actual winter were a big adjustment from Atlanta for me!!)

I still coach CrossFit at a local gym, and also am working on a side business creating custom calligraphy pieces, wedding invitation suites and more!

Next Week: Jennifer Tawney, Administrative Assistant & HR

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