Team Thursdays

Get to know OneCare! Each Thursday we will be featuring a member of our Team!

Sam Eller
Bluetooth Developer




Sam has worked for a few startups in his short career after graduating with a BS in Computational Media from Georgia Tech. He has experience with making mobile applications for the healthcare industry and bluetooth device integration for other projects and contract work. Sam is responsible for the Georgia Aquariums’ bluetooth infrastructure that tracks guests locations through exhibits.

Role with OneCare

Sam’s focus for OneCare is to integrate a suite of Bluetooth devices with the Platform to be used for automatic logging of important health data. The idea is to make the process as seamless as possible for individuals with chronic conditions!

Most Excited About…

Sam is excited to experiment with various medical bluetooth devices, Amazon Echo as well as Android Wear and Tizen wearables! The applications for these devices for OneCare are limitless!

Life Outside of OneCare

Sam is an independent game developer as a hobby. He is also engaged to be married in the fall of 2016 and is very happy!

Next Week: Cynthia Florence, Solutions Architect

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